timber maze

Timber Maze

This is the original attraction, built in the late 1970’s and opened in 1981, it is still a favourite with young and older guests alike.

There has been a few modifications over the years, including the addition of a look out and slide tower. Make the maze harder by navigate your way through the 2500m2 maze and find all four coloured flag poles. Then go zooming down the supa-slide and onto the next challenge.

fanily fun park

Hedge Maze

No maze venue is complete without the iconic hedge maze, so we’ve planted a maze that is the bees-knees of all mazes and is a Perth first! The Hedge Maze covers an area of more than 2000m2 and has a stunning octagon design with a beautiful Norfolk Island Pine at the centre. It’s taken six years to grow and carefully prune 1,252 individual plants to form the 690 metres of hedge which is now ready.

Tractor Tyre Maze

Don’t be fooled by the bright colours and the fun, friendly appearance; this is easily the most difficult of all the brain-teaser mazes. To conquer this maze you need to find your way to the giant tyre in the middle of the maze by crossing from tyre to tyre across the red, yellow and blue planks – in colour sequence… can’t be that hard can it? Oh yes it can! So many guests swore it couldn’t be done that we had to provide the answers in the form of a cheat sheet. Can you conquer the Tractor Tyre Maze? Or will you have to cheat?!


Danae’s Dilemma

The original brain teaser maze! From the entry point you need to make your way through the maze to the exit without making any left-hand turns or u-turns. Sounds simple but will you be stumped or stupendous?!

rope maze

Tayla’s Tangle

The little kids love this maze! It’s their chance to shine! Can you get through this tangle? Follow your rope all the way from the start to the end.

hedge maze

Phil’s Frustration

Phil’s Frustration is another little brain teaser and follows in the footsteps of Danae’s Dilemma. This time the entry and exit point are in the same place and you have to find your way through without making any right-hand turns or u-turns. Be careful, this brain teaser maze sure knows how to live up to its name!

mini golf player

Mini Golf

Set in beautiful scenery winding around our picturesque Café Iguana courtyard and giant chess board. The mini golf course is nine holes of twists, turns and obstacles to overcome all set in a cool, shady landscaped garden.

maze slide tower

Childrens Playground

The Children’s Playground offers younger visitors a change of pace and some adventure in their own little space. Mum and Dad don’t mind it either. The playground is located right in the heart of the main picnic area, with loads of shady trees around and the coffee cart is located nearby for refreshments. It’s a great place to set up the family home-base for the day.

Giant Jumping Pillow

Don’t be fooled Mums and Dads, we recommend you leave this one to the kids! Although it is suitable for all ages, the Jumping Pillow is hours of fun for kids and an instant exertion for adults! Covering an area of over 220m2 with lots of room for everyone to enjoy.

giant chess

Giant Garden Chess

Play the ultimate game of strategy, as individuals or in teams, on this 3.6m x 3.6m ‘board’, with giant chess pieces standing 2 feet high. Check-mate!

hookey game


A great old family favourite, who can make it around the board first?



For something more active, assemble the troops for a game of volleyball. Our advice is to use the word ‘rules’ loosely and keep the ball in play.