australian animals


The koalas love nothing more than feeding on their favourite Eucalyptus leaves and hanging around being adorably cute…and sleeping of course! You can view our koalas from only a few feet away all through the day at our koala enclosure and if you’d like to learn more about Australia’s cutest marsupials a Koala Talk is held twice a day at 11:30am and 2pm. Here one of our keepers is on hand to share some secrets and take your questions.

Click here to view our Koala Experience.

feed kangaroos


These kangaroos enjoy a privileged life at Outback Splash hanging out in their very own Australian Outback themed enclosure. You will find big red kangaroos, greys and if you look carefully, you’re bound to spot a joey or two as well!


Arguably the most curious of all the native creatures the emus live behind Danae’s Dilemma and Phil’s Frustration. They seem to find it very amusing watching visitors try and solve the riddle of the mazes; we can’t promise that these cheeky birds won’t be having a chuckle at your expense.

australian birds


You will find many species of native and exotic birds in large aviaries throughout the park. Keep an eye out for Henry, the Long-billed Corrella, he loves to have a chat! The Major Mitchell’s are absolutely stunning and the walk-in aviary is always bustling with noise, activity and the unusual antics of our feathered friends.

For the health and safety of visitors and animals
please do not feed any of the animals or birds.